T-Stagg Photography | Natural Beauty--A Nature Beauty Session with Karman

Natural Beauty--A Nature Beauty Session with Karman

January 12, 2018  •  2 Comments

Last summer I had the joy of putting together a shoot that I had been dreaming up for a long time--a shoot, simple in its implementation (The less stuff I have to carry, the better!) but with a lot of bang--and it had to be outside in water.  I love being outside and summer provides some of the most beautiful, lush green backdrops.  Next I had to find a model--it was just by luck that I saw Karman's profile pic on Facebook, and I was hooked by her look.  There was this kind of contrast--she was so sweet and kind, but she had this lovely edge that I thought would be perfect for what I was going for.  I asked her to model, and thankfully she agreed and was so super excited.  I loved her energy and knew we would have an amazing time.  We looked for a few dresses that had different feels (edgy, natural, etc.) that would work with our woodsy backdrop.  Because I knew I had to have her in water, it was a bit stressful that the week before we were going through a drought (Thank you weird Illinois weather.), and by chance during another earlier session that week I found a small river that hadn't dried completely up and it was perfect! It was then that we went to work--we delt with rain, bugs, and some questionable water, but Karman was perfection, doing just as I asked and showing her fierceness.  It was an amazing experience and one I hope to do several more times this year, so keep your eyes peeled!  


You certainly look beautiful in this shoot. I am glad you went ahead and did this. Love you, Dad.
Kim Pretz(non-registered)
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