T-Stagg Photography | Mimi and Ted--67 years strong

Mimi and Ted--67 years strong

October 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

When I first asked Amanda if I could create photographs, a photo story of sorts, with her grandparents, I imagine Mimi and Ted, when they heard about it, thought I was a little strange for wanting to do it.  If I remember correctly, Ted, at one point said, "We don't do much." thinking that I didn't have anything worth photographing.  I wish they could have seen what I saw that day.

Two amazing, sweet, funny people who fell in love 67+ years ago and created a life and family that is worthy of aspiring to.  Kind faces that tell stories about years gone by and treasured, worn and gentle hands holding each other, supporting each other.  Love and laughter in their eyes for their great grandbabies and granddaughter who visited them that day with me. Photographs, awards, memories adorning the walls and tables around the room.  Two well-worn chairs sitting side by side, right next to each other, surely so conversation between these two could happen easily, or so they could enjoy the quiet together (or a good U of I football game :) ). And smiles.  Such easy, open, kind smiles.  I walked away that day feeling so lucky to have been able to capture a wee bit of who these two are and their lives together.  Mimi and Ted--I'm sending you a heartfelt thanks and a hug.  I hope these pictures help us all to see and realize the simplest things can be spectacular.


So beautiful... inside and out... in every way. Can feel your love. Crying a few tears of joy. Love you Ted and Shirley and the amazing Beach family. So grateful for you in our lives. Hugs oxox
Jean C. Eads(non-registered)
What a fantastic job of capturing TRUE LOVE. They are like this every single day of their lives. This was NOT put on for you. They are truly in love. I think you did a great job.
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